Youtube Shorts : Tiktok Like Feature From Google


✓ Youtube is going to introduce Youtube Shorts as alternative of Titkok in India

✓ Users can create a 15 seconds video with capabilities like attaching music and several effects

✓ This feature is spotted in beta version of Youtube which got released for few users

We all know the impact created by Tiktok on Short video style platform, it got millions of downloads from both playstore and App Store, But due rival between China and India at Borders, Tiktok got banned in India, It lost many of there users and even content creators lost a good platform in which they are working from years.

As Tiktok got banned these content creators started looking for alternatives , so to take advantage of this many companies started developing their own Tiktok like featured app or integrating Tiktok like functionality in their already existed apps

Recently we saw Instagram Reels , Which got integrated in Instagram app it’self ,

Youtube already have a huge number of users on daily bases, thousands of hours content is being streamed in Youtube every day, so to take advantage of the absence of TikTok, Youtube is going to start their own Tiktok like feature exclusively for India,

This feature is going to be integrated on Youtube app home screen,

it has been spotted in early beta version of youtube which got released for few users,

and yeah soon it will rollout to all users,

This Youtube Shorts Feature allows users to create a 15 seconds video with thousands of music clips which are already added, and soon more songs will be added, Similar to Tiktok in this too users can add several effects to their videos and all basic features are already available

With this feature youtube may get to see more users to their App,

Definitely it will be succeed in India due to demand created for Perfect Tiktok alternative after it got banned

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