You Don’t Have Keep Your Phone Close To Use Whatsapp, Use It On Your Laptop These Two Ways

New Delhi: WhatsApp has become one of the most heavily used apps in the world. At the beginning of the year they had projected that 2.7 billion users will join WhatsApp in 2020. In India, it still remains one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps followed by WeChat.

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One of the main reasons WhatsApp became so popular is that its very user friendly and simple. WhatsApp had many features added to it over the years, and in the current version users can make voice or video calls, share documents upto 100 MB, share locations and even share voice notes or audio.

While it was initially released for it to be used on smartphones, the makers were quick to realize that in order to compete with Telegram it will have to work on computers as well. Hence creators made a web version and a desktop app.

User get a restricted version of Whatsapp which they can use to message, send documents, audio, video, photos and voice notes on the desktop versions. To make phone calls or video calls however, users will have to continue to use the smartphone. Through WhatsApp Web users cannot make voice or video calls unless there download Room with a cross-messaging app created by Facebook.

However, users don’t have to download any extra app to access WhatsApp Web.

• To access WhatsApp Web, user have to visit on the laptop or desktop click on WhatsApp Web.

• Press on the three-dot menu option in the phone WhatsApp.

• Press to WhatsApp Web which will launch a scanner.

• Use the scanner on the QR code which will open the WhatsApp chat on your desktop.

• To log out from WhatsApp Web, users can logout from the desktop or through the phone.
Alternatively, users can download the app on their laptop/desktop.

• To download, visit the website, click on the menu option ‘Download’.

• It will open a webpage which will have button that reads ‘Download’ (64-bit).

• This will download the exe file.

• Click on the WhatsApp.exe file and install it.

• To sign in, users have to scan the QR code through the phone scanner.

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