Year Ender 2020 | From Dalgona Coffee To Ludo, Here Are Social Media Trends That Took The Edge Off 2020

New Delhi: 2020 was unexpected, most plans f the year foiled because of the ongoing pandemic, and a majority of people found solace in mindlessly scrolling through social media and posting funny and interesting content online. Since most of them were made at home, here are some of the social media trends that made the year 2020 a little more bearable.1. Dalgona Coffee – During the early lockdown days people were saddened by the little pleasure that they were missing, like being unable to visit their favourite coffee shops people took whipping up some instant coffee until thick and frothy giving them that coffee shop feels. Thousands recreated it and even added fun little twists of their own.

2. Banana Bread – Baking isn’t everyone’s forte but whipping up banana bread is an easy task and the results were a foolproof way of making banana bread another social media trend. Banana bread becomes such a big trend that there was a counter-trend which was against banana bread. All in all banana bread are delicious and slowly people moved to the next trend.

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3. Yoga – With gyms shut and working from home eating away the jogging time, please took Yoga as there go to a fitness regime, online classes aplenty it was easy to spread out a mat a follow a flow that helped people move their body and even learn some complex move to show off on their social media.

4. Isolation Art – Started by Getty Museum, this trend quickly went viral where people took household items to turn themselves into art. People found creative ways to dress up like their art and capture the pose.

5. Ludo – Meeting friends and family was suddenly restricted and while everyone missed hanging out they did turn to online games and video calls to talk to their family. It’s unsurprising that Ludo a nostalgic game was one which they turned to when people wanted to spend time with their friends and family.

6. Gesture Challenge- This challenge had got people hooked especially during the lockdown. In this challenge, you had to mirror emojis within six seconds. If one fails at the first attempt, then one had to do it again until the challenge is complete. People around the world including celebrities such as Jacqueline Fernandes had also shared videos of their attempt at gesture challenge.

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