Will Battlefield 2042 have an open or closed beta?

While its release is scheduled for October 22nd, players are wondering whether or not they will be able to play a beta of Battlefield 2042 before the release date.

Battlefield 2042 will be the seventeenth game in the franchise and promises to showcase some very impressive gameplay. Battlefield 2042 game will be dropping the single player campaign and focusing on the multiplayer experience.

A 5 minute trailer was recently released, showing some of the maps and how unbelievably huge they look. Will there be an open or closed beta, though?

When is the earliest gamers can test out Battlefield?

Battlefield 2042 will have a beta, but it will start off being a closed beta, opening up sometime later down the road. This is all part of a busy timeline DICE has from now until October 22nd, which also includes a more technical test of the game.

Gameplay from Battlefield 2042 is slated to be shown at the virtual E3 event between June 12th and June 15th. While the initial trailer looked gorgeous, many fans are waiting to get a glimpse of actual gameplay.

Sometime in July, there will be a mechanical test of Battlefield 2042. This won’t be a beta, but rather a way to test the structural aspects of the game. In fact, the version of Battlefield 2042 that will be played will be very stripped down compared to the final product.

The only people who will be performing this technical test will be trusted members of the Battlefield community. They will be signing NDAs, so no spoilers after this event will be leaked.

After this test, Battlefield 2042 will feature a closed beta of the game. Veterans of Battlefield will be the only ones invited to play this beta. Sometime afterwards, though, the beta will be opened for more people to play the game.

Again, official dates for this beta have not been set. Given that the technical test will be performed in July, some are speculating that the closed beta will be played in August, with the open portion of the beta starting in late August or early September.

This beta will feature some of the larger maps that the trailer showcased. One innovation that Battlefield 2042 will be bringing to the gaming community will be an in-game event on every map that players will have to deal with. Examples of these are a rocket ship launch and a tornado charging through a contemporary city.

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