Whatsapp Holi Stickers 2021: Here’s How To Download, Share WhatsApp Stickers On Android, iOS Phone

It’s almost a year since the country celebrated the most popular festival of colour ‘Holi’ under the shadow of the pandemic. This year too, the surge in Covid-19 cases seem to be dampening the spirit of Holi and it people will have to be confined within their homes due to lockdown measures. But you can always share Holi wishes on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. This year WhatsApp  has launched a fresh batch of fun, interesting and interactive stickers for Android and iOS phones that be easily downloaded and send across family, friends and loved ones on Holi to stay connected and wish each other a ‘Happy Holi’ .

If you are an Android users then here’s how you can send Happy Holi 2021 stickers on WhatsApp chats:

Firstly, open the chat window of a friend or family member whom you want to send the stickers. Then tap on the smiley icon on the text bar and hit the sticker icon at the bottom. Also Read: Happy Holi 2021: Celebrate Festival Of Colours By Dancing On These Ten Popular Bollywood Numbers

Then you need to press the ‘+’ icon on the right corner which will direct you to the sticker library. Then keep scrolling till you find the ‘Get more stickers’ option and then tap on it.

This will take you to Google Play Store on your phone. Here you can search for Holi-themed stickers with the keywords ‘Holi WhatsApp Stickers’ or ‘WhatsApp Stickers for Holi.’

Then simply select the Holi 2021 theme sticker pack of your choice and download the ones you want. Once downloaded, finish the installation by clicking on the option – ‘Add to WhatsApp’.

Then again open WhatsApp chat of your family member or friend and click on the emojis option and then the stickers option. This section contains all the existing stickers along with the new downloaded ones.

Send them to the people you want to wish a ‘Happy Holi’.

If you are an iOS user, then here’s how you can send Happy Holi 2021 stickers on WhatsApp chats:

Firstly open the chat window of your friend or family member whom you want to send the sticker to.

Then tap on the text bar and click on the sticker tab on the right. It will show all the sticker options available on Whatsapp.

If you like the sticker pack pertaining to your need you can download it. Infact, if you save the Holi stickers sent by other people on WhatsApp groups or individual chats and you can start showing up in the stickers library after it gets downloaded.

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