Valorant’s Latest Agent Is Killer Robot KAY/O

Valorant’s newest agent KAY/O is an ability-suppressing robot that will make its way to the game when Episode Three, Act One lands on June 22.

Valorant‘s newest agent, KAY/O, has been announced, and the lethal machine will join the game’s roster on June 22 when Episode Three, Act One releases.

Revealed in a trailer posted on Valorant‘s YouTube channel, KAY/O is a robot with the power to suppress enemy abilities. He arrives alongside the introduction of Episode Three: Reflection. The agent introduces new mechanics to the game, including an ability suppression power and a revive feature as a part of his ultimate. KAY/O is an Initiator, meaning he’ll be great at first engagement and setting up his team for success.

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KAY/O’s reveal trailer sees the robot taking on enemy Radiants in a Terminator-esque frenzy. It hints at the character’s lore and demonstrates the agent’s ability pool through a montage seeing the character continually killed and revived to start the cycle over again until he gets it right. Riot wanted KAY/O’s ability kit to feel “familiar to FPS players,” and emphasized gunplay more than anything else.

“We kind of wanted to push for some really intuitive and almost ‘back to basics’ type of inputs,” stated Valorant game designer Ryan Cousart. “An aspiration we have for KAY/O is that FPS players could take some of the common mastery they have acquired from other games, like throwing grenades, and apply them in an intuitive way to access the outputs of KAY/O’s kit.” A full list of KAY/O’s abilities with descriptions is shown below.

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KAY/O equips a suppression blade that sticks to the first surface it hits. Once stuck, the knife winds up to an explosion that renders the abilities of anyone caught in the radius useless.


KAY/O equips a flash grenade that explodes shortly after it’s thrown. Anyone in its line of sight is blinded. Right-clicking the grenade will cause it to only require one second before exploding, as opposed to 1.6 seconds if left-clicked.


KAY/O equips a frag grenade that sticks to the ground where it explodes multiple times. Anyone caught near the center will suffer near lethal damage.


KAY/O overloads instantly with polarized Radianite energy, which causes him to emit large energy pulses that suppress enemies hit by the ability for a short duration. KAY/O also gains a Comat Stim, increasing his fire rate, reload speed, weapon swap speed and recoil recovery speed. Finally, if KAY/O is killed during his Ultimate, he instead enters a destabilized state, which gives allies the opportunity to revive him.

Developed and published by Riot Games, Valorant is available now for free on PC.

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