Top tips to level up quickly in Garena Free Fire’s OB28 version

Free Fire has grown to become one of the most famous battle royale games on mobile devices in the last few years. It stands out among titles of the same genre due to its unique attributes, like various characters with abilities, pets, gun skins with capabilities, and more.

Additionally, it includes a level-based progression, where users must earn a specific number of EXP points to increase their level. Upon reaching a higher level, users will receive a random reward.

Here are a few tips that users can follow to level up quickly in Free Fire.

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Leveling up quickly in Free Fire

As stated earlier, players need EXP to level up, which can be gained by playing more games.

One of the easiest ways to acquire EXP points quickly is by using “EXP cards.” These cards provide a significantly higher chunk of experience in every match.

Users can obtain one of them for free as a sign-in reward if they are part of a guild.

The store features a Double EXP card that offers 100% additional experience for every match.

This implies that users would be able to level 2x more quickly than without its usage. This card is priced at 100 diamonds. Its effect will last for seven days.

Additionally, playing ranked matches will provide higher EXP than gained from classic ones. Moreover, depending on the level of their guild, gamers will receive an additional bump in EXP. Therefore, being a part of a guild indeed provides them with a head start at leveling up.

Another tip to earn experience is to maximize survival time in ranked squad matches. Players can land on the very edge of the map and significantly enhance their survival time, and in turn, get the maximum possible EXP.

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