Samsung Galaxy Note Likely To Be Discontinued in 2021. Here’s Why

In a move that has impacted the demand of high-end smartphones as result of pandemic, there are rumours of Samsung discontinuing its premium Galaxy Note phone next year. As per the reports in Reuters, the South Korean tech company does not have intension to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021. Also Read: As FAU-G Begins Pre-Registration, Launch Expected To Happen Soon; Will It Supersede Soon-To-Be Back PUBG In India?Which models are to be discontinued?

The Galaxy Note, known for its large screen and a stylus for note-taking, is one of two Samsung premium phone series. It has remain one of the best phones offered in the high segment with a large screen facility. While the other model, which is more compact Galaxy S have attracted consumers with its state-of-the-art parts.

What’s on anvil?

Even as the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be discontinued, the Galaxy S series’ top model, the S21, will have a stylus and the next version of Samsung’s foldable phone will be compatible with a stylus, which will be sold separately, as per the report.

As per the agency sources, the company development efforts towards the Note would now be redirected into its foldable phone range. The company aims to launch multiple foldable phones in 2021, but is is conducting more research and development on ultra-thin glass as well as the digitizer. The latter facilitates S-Pen inputs and needs to be foldable in order to be implemented on the so-called Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Experts believe that Samsung’s Note series are expected to fall by a fifth to 8 million this year while sales of the S series are likely to drop by 5 million to less than 30 million.

The Galaxy Note 20 was launched in the United States this year with a $999 (roughly Rs. 73,400) price tag, on par with the Galaxy S20 while the iPhone 12 starts at $799 (roughly Rs. 58,700).

The company had launched the Note way back in 2011, breaking new ground in the market for larger screen models. The launch was also aimed towards overtaking Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone maker for the first time during the same year.

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