Samsung Campany Works on Microsoft HoloLens|Mixed reality headset|Patent Suggests

Samsung has been working on augmented reality glasses. As we wait for announcement, yet by somewhere news A patent has showing off what looks like samsung mixed reality headset. The patent was filled at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and it shows sketches of a headset that looks similar to the Microsoft HoloLens.

As Suggested by skateches The samsung company working on mixed reality headset seemingly equipped with dual camera at the front, looks like video recording is also available and one presumably as enviroment camera. It is completly realistic view when we see this gadget. Behind the visor, we can see two holographic lenses that would likely project holographic images into your eyes, making it seem like you are liiking at those images in your outter enviroment.

The top panel is where the internal hardware should be housed, including the required sensors, processor, RAM, Wi-Fi transceivers, among others. The headset has a rectangle-bar on the right spine, which could the speaker for audio output.

Samsung is working on typical spectacles looks like.the patent seems to be slightly bulky but could add additional functionality which is under wraps for now. It is unclear but samsung plans to bring this to market as of now.Mixed reality glasses haven’t taken off and the design could simply be a concept that never makes it to the shelf. So wait for more information we will coming on this topic soon again.

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