Ready To Quit WhatsApp? Here’s How You Can Move Group Chats From Other Apps To Signal

The most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently sparked a stir among the users over its terms of service and privacy policy which has made it mandatory for the users to accept its policy else their accounts will be deleted. The firm has set February 8th as the deadline. ALSO READ | Time To Move On From WhatsApp To Signal? 5 Reasons Why You Should Download This Messaging AppThe Facebook-owned company earlier this week began sending in-app notifications to users about changes to its policy and terms of service, indicating that user data would be shared with its parent company, Facebook. The message suggests the key changes in how WhatsApp will collect and process users’ information going forward, and the partnership with Facebook, its parent company, as part of a larger unification drive between the family of apps.

With rising concerns over users’ data privacy, the users slowly flock to alternative solutions such as Signal or Telegram. Given the timing, Signal recently shared a guide informing users to move their groups from other messenger apps to Signal using a group link.

Here is how you can move your group chats from WhatsApp or any other messenger app, to Signal:

Step 1: Create a group on Signal.Step 2: Tap into group settings and tap on “Group link.”

Step 3: Turn the toggle on for the group link and tap on Share.

Step 4: Share in your former messenger of choice. You may require approval from a group admin before new members join.

Step 5: Once the group is formed, users can tap on ‘Share’ to forward the link to users you want to move.

Step 6: Turn the toggle on or off to approve new members in a group using the share link.

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