PlayStation Hits Deals: Get Some of PlayStation’s All-Time Best Games for Under $10 – IGN

Every year before E3, Sony puts on a massive Days of Play sale with savings on everything PlayStation, from games to subscriptions to accessories. This year we didn’t get a special-edition console, but that’s totally fine. It’s hard enough to get the regular console. If you want to pad out your PS4 library, or you have a PS5 and want to play some of the last generation’s best games, a whole slew of PlayStation Hits games for PS4 are marked down to just under $10. These are the prices we usually see on Black Friday, so I say go for it.

Oh, and if you’re looking for deals on PlayStation Plus (where you can find a lot of these games available for download to your PS5 if you’re a member), there are plenty of chances to save on 12-month memberships, too.

PlayStation Plus 12-Month Deal

Amazon PlayStation Hits Days of Play Deals

Best Buy PlayStation Hits Days of Play Deals

Walmart PlayStation Hits Days of Play Deals

GameStop PlayStation Hits Days of Play Deals

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