Overwatch players start a petition to put a stop to 5v5 in Overwatch 2

Source: Blizzard


Overwatch fans had a lot of hope about Overwatch 2 after BlizzConline’s showcase. Hero missions, new maps, and new game modes had players feeling more confident that there was enough new content to warrant a sequel. 


But then Blizzard decided to stream some of the changes coming to PvP. 



After a lot of gameplay testing and upcoming hero reworks, developers decided that PvP teams would be reduced to five teammates instead of six. Even more shocking, each team would only have one tank. 


The Overwatch community was collectively opinionated about the change. Everyone from pros to casual fans had a strong reaction to the PvP updates. Some Overwatch fans even decided to create a petition of Change.org that demanded Blizzard reconsider becoming 5v5 come Overwatch 2. 



Said the petition’s creator, Peter Levy: “Developers claim that this will reduce queue times, make the game more interesting, and make the game easier for the player to understand. Yet these changes risk causing significant discord within the Overwatch community.”


Why Overwatch fans don’t like PvP 5v5 changes


The first issue brought up in the petition was how the change would effect the Overwatch League scene. Pros have expressed frustration with the possibility of 5v5 since the live stream, fearing for the future of their careers and noting how disheartening it is to have dedicated so much time to one role just to have it stripped away. 



But the petition notes that even casual players will feel the impact. There are a lot of teams made of six players who will have to figure out how to continue playing together once teams are cut. Friends that have been playing for years may have to take turns being their team’s tank. 


Levy also noted that the gameplay mechanics will change completely. A lot of players have shared this concern, wondering what the new gameplay will be like. With just one tank per team — and tanks becoming more aggressive instead of defensive — it seems like Overwatch might become a totally different game strategy-wise. Team play might not be as important as players focus more on aggression and damage than thoughtful maneuvering through the map. 


Tank mains have already brought up their own valid concerns with the changes. Some feel they will be forced to play Reinhardt or face the wrath of their teammates. 


But of course, this is all speculation for now. Shield meta, GOATS, and other strategies revolving around tanks have always frustrated players (except for San Francisco Shock via 2019). And queue times will most likely be significantly shortened. This could be a good change for Overwatch and the competitive scene. 


A lot of Overwatch fans are begging skeptical players to stop their judgment until the game comes out and the changes arrive. Overwatch supporters noted that tanks shouldn’t be carrying the game anyway and the changes will bring more balance and more interesting team compositions. 


While the petition may be a joke, the frustration with 5v5 has continued throughout social media and the pro scene. While only time will tell if 5v5 with one tank is a good move for the game, it’s easy to see why tank mains are getting worked up, especially if a salary is on the line. 

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