Newest Call of Duty Warzone glitch lets players invade other Gulag matches while being invulnerable

Call of Duty: Warzone has faced a ton of scrutiny in recent times, with players being vocal about their frustration with Raven Software’s inefficient measures against hackers.

To add to their woes, a player has found a way to glitch their way into another player’s Gulag 1v1 and inflict damage on them. Thankfully, the uploader NTrippy was cautious enough to only demonstrate the glitch without showing the method in the hopes that developer Raven Software patches the glitch ASAP.

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Warzone player discovers invulnerable Gulag glitch

Initially seen spawning into the Gulag normally, NTrippy wanted to “see if he could get this to work,” before cutting the process of the glitch out to save players from other exploiters.

After completing the process he can be seen parachuting into another player’s Gulag 1v1 and begins punching the enemy out.

More concerning than the glitch itself is the fact that he was completely invulnerable in the Gulag as his opponent sprayed him down with a full magazine and his health didn’t drop a bit.

He was then able to punch out the opponent and end the Gulag match for him. This exploit could be incredibly frustrating for players who are looking to play fairly as there’s no way to counter it as of now.

The clip has been doing the rounds on social media in the hopes that Raven Software picks up on it and issues a patch that removes this exploit from an already cheater-riddled Warzone.

Earlier this week, prominent Warzone player NickMercs had an absolute meltdown regarding the state of the game as he begged Halo developers to have a beta just so that he could stop playing Warzone.

“Halo, please, bro, get like…early release. Beta? Is there a beta? There’s gotta be a beta. There is always a Halo beta. This game (Warzone) is dogs**t!”

Activision has been taking action against cheaters and has ramped up all efforts significantly in the past month, but somehow the number of cheaters flooding the game due to its free-to-play nature is outpacing the ban waves so far.

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