Mysterious horror game ‘Abandoned’ have got their mobile app release

Abandoned, the mysterious horror game has got its mobile app release finalized.

After Resident Evil Village, many production houses are starting to produce random horror games that can pique players’ curiosity. Just as the same, there has been a new game called Abandoned since the very start of 2021.

Blue Box Studios have said that their announcement for Abandoned has released a string among gamers, and perhaps, a lot of people are waiting for the game’s final release date.

How is the content of the game like?

The content of the game has not been shared right from the start with the developers.

They have always kept a good hush about how the game would be like and how it can help change the scenario of the horror game environment right now. Thus, the developers have shared that they are working on the project, but they are yet to finalize what can be included in the main game.

They are working towards the end deal, and if there is any change shortly, then it can be managed with the help of pre-loaded data for the Abandoned app, which has already been released.

The game is yet to hit the screens, but the app is already making a run for it. Nearly the true nature of the game Abandoned is yet to be found out. But there have been some good ol’ speculations by fans as they have said that the game is just a sequel of the Silent Hill Series, and it will portray the horror genre in that manner.

The game director has said that the story is completely different, and it is otherwise.

Is it a reboot of ‘Silent Hill’?

Many people are waiting for Konami to release the new version of Silent Hill so they can be shown as desperate for the release of the game. The Abandoned app is said to provide more information on the game and what will be included in the main title.

Now the updated PlayStation developers and those who have decided to partner with the app have said that they will work on the major or the final release of the game, which is around July 29.

But the speculations and media have said that the developers are still not sure if they can pinpoint an exact date on the calendar for the release. An event like E3 is the major reason why games like Abandoned are in the spotlight, and the team is working around the clock to make sure that the release takes place sooner.

Much like the other prospects, such as fans are pretty thrilled about the idea of getting a new Silent Hill reboot which is going to take the big screen soon.


Image courtesy of Night Mind/YouTube

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