Mute Videos, Read Later & More: Here Are 5 New Features Expected To Arrive On WhatsApp Soon

New Delhi: WhatsApp keeps experimenting with new features to bring on its platform through its Beta version. With the dedicated Beta version trackers’ reports, several of these features are revealed before release. ALSO READ | ‘Countdown Begins’: PUBG Mobile India Likely To Release Today For Android Phones?WABetaInfo the dedicated WhatsApp Beta tracker has revealed the new features that are going to be seen on the main app soon. Here are the most prominent ones:

Mute Videos

As the name suggests, WhatsApp will let you mute videos before sending to any contact or uploading it to status updates. Wabetainfo informed that the mute option will be visible when you select a video.

With this option, the receiver will get the video without audio. This could be useful when you want to send a video on mute mode. Android users may receive it first. WhatsApp will roll it out with an app update.

Read Later & Vacation Mode

Reportedly, WhatsApp is going to introduce this feature for iOS to reduce interruptions. Users will also get an ‘Edit’ button in the ‘Read Later’ section. Users will be able to select more chats at once to unarchive them. It will include Edit Archive Settings, to change how archived chats work. It works in connection with the much-talked-about ‘Vacation mode’ and iOS users will also be given an option to disable the mode in this option. Any archived chat will always remain in your archive even if they are not muted.

WhatsApp was developing the Vacation Mode earlier for Android and iOS but later abandoned the update. However, the messenger was a few months back spotted working on it again. It ensures that users do not receive fresh notifications from archived chat.

For the uninitiated, archive chat allows users to hide another user or group from their chat list. However, they continue to receive notifications for new messages. Archive chat does not delete these messages or back them up in cloud data.

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Wallpaper Dimming

The messenger app was also experimenting with the chat wallpaper. The new option being tried was that of dimming the opacity of the background. In earlier reports, it was revealed that users will be able to have a new variety of wallpapers/chat backgrounds to choose from and they will be able to select different ones for different chats. The feature whenever it arrives will be made available on both Android and iOS versions of the platform.

History Sync

Right now it is difficult for users to seamlessly move between iOS and Android apps for WhatsApp as iOS data is stored in iCloud and Android data is stored in google drive. The history sync feature can help users easily copy messages and other chats from different time-frames from one device to another. In addition, it will enable them to copy their messages between both operating systems.

Multiple Device Support

As users are restricted to access their WhatsApp account only on 2 devices: a smartphone and a web app, one of the most awaited features is multiple device support. It will let users operate their own accounts from multiple devices at the same time, without the hassle of always being active through their main smartphone.

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