List of characters in Garena Free Fire as of June 2021

Garena Free Fire is a widely renowned battle royale title that comprises several unique characters and gameplay modes.

There are 39 characters in Free Fire right now, and all of them, except Nulla and Primis, have special abilities to dispense on the ground. After the OB27 update, many new characters have been added, and many older characters have received nerfs and buffs.

With that in mind, this article lists down all the available characters in Free Fire as of June 2021.

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Complete list of Free Fire characters in June 2021

1) DJ Alok

2) Wukong

3) K (Captain Booyah)

4) Chrono

5) A124

6) Hayato

7) Maro

8) Steffie

9) Skyler

10) Olivia

11) Ford

12) Nikita

13) Maxim

14) Misha

15) Kla

16) Paloma

17) Miguel

18) Caroline

19) Antonio

20) Moco

21) Laura

22) Rafael

23) Shani

24) Joseph

25) Notora

26) Alvaro

27) Kapella

28) Jota

29) Clu

30) Luqueta

31) Dasha

32) Wolfrahh

33) Jai

34) Nulla

35) Primis

36) Kelly

37) Andrew

38) Shirou

39) Xayne

How to buy a character in Free Fire?

Players can follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: They may visit the “Store” section of Free Fire present at the left-hand side corner of the screen.

Step 2: Users can tap on the “Character” tab present in the right-hand side drop-down menu.

Step 3: They must choose the desired character and click on the “Purchase” option.

After confirming the purchase, diamonds or gold coins will be deducted, and the character will be available to the player to equip/quick-equip.

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