How to earn Capitale in Red Dead Online

Capitale may be difficult to come by, but it’s one of the most important items in the new Red Dead Online: Blood Money.

The reason why Capitale is so valuable is because it’s used to unlock Opportunities. These are essentially missions with high difficulty that are offered through the Red Dead Online update.

Only one Opportunity is available right now, but two more are on their way. Capitale will take some serious luck and/or time to locate, so it’s important to know how to go about finding it.

New valuable currency in Red Dead Online: Blood Money can unlock new challenges

For anyone so inclined, an easy way to spend Capitale is to simply spend gold. Capitale can be purchased at several Fences throughout the game. 3 gold bars will earn any player 10 Capitale at a Fence, and 5 gold bars can earn 10 Capitale along with some character buffs at the Hired Gun Kit.

Otherwise, players who won’t be spending money will have to use Blood Money missions. These missions don’t guarantee the player Capitale, but they offer opportunities to find Capitale.

This is certainly one of the more scarce items in Red Dead Online.

One method players can use to find Capitale on Blood Missions is looting bodies. Sadly, this process can be a tad bit long and unfruitful. If players get lucky, though, it could save them from using more difficult methods in the future (or using money).

Another way players can find Capitale on these missions is through locked containers. These are scattered throughout the area on the Blood Money mission, though, and can take a while to find.

In order to collect the Capitale, players might also face some stronger enemies. The developers of Red Dead Online at Rockstar have clearly placed high value on Capitale by making it very hard to collect.

Early reports have claimed that the Jeb Phelps Contract missions are particularly good for landing Capitale. One such mission, however, involves going into a building with invisible enemies and taking heavy fire to grab the loot container. Other containers likely have equally difficult enemies surrounding them.

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