How to download Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.10 beta update with lush caves, revamped cave generation, and more

To make the upcoming version 1.18 of the game perfect, Mojang has released a new 1.17.10 beta version of Minecraft for the Bedrock Edition. Minecrafters can now install this iteration on their devices to explore the new cave biomes and other features such as mob spawn locations.

After playing the beta version, if players encounter any glitches or problems, they can report them to Mojang to help make the game better.

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Installing the Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.10 beta update

Gamers can now play the Bedrock 1.17.10 beta update by enabling the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle in a new or existing world. Players are recommended to use the experimental features to access the new Caves & Cliffs beta only as these features are still a work in progress and can crash the game.

Enabling experimental features toggle

Players can follow these steps to activate the Caves and Cliffs experimental features while creating a new world:

Step 1: Under “Game” settings, they should scroll down to find the “Experiments” section.

Step 2: In experiments, users must toggle on “Caves and Cliffs”

Step 3: When the “Activate Experimental Gameplay” window pops up, they have to click on “Activate experiment” and create the world.

To enable the experimental features in an existing world, these are the necessary steps:

Step 1: While in the world selection screen, players need to select “Edit,” which will be next to the world where they want to test the new features.

Step 2: Under “Game” settings, they should navigate to the “Experiments” section.

Step 3: Under that, gamers need to turn on the “Caves and Cliffs” toggle and click on “Activate experiment” when the “Activate Experimental Gameplay” warning appears.

When activating the experimental features in an old world, a copy of that world is generated. So usually, Minecraft players do not need to make backups of their world.

The game still allows them to create copies manually as a safety measure if something were to go wrong.

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