Google’s latest Play Store UI test makes it harder to check for updates

Google Play Store received a major UI revamp last month that saw the app store getting rid of the hamburger menu, adding a redesigned Settings page, and bringing several some other UI tweaks. But it turns out there’s more to this revamp. Google appears to be testing a redesigned My apps menu that will replace the current “My apps & games” page.

As first spotted by Redditor u/KnownStruggle1, the redesign (via Android Police) renames the “My apps & games” section to “Manage apps & device.” It also gets rid of the Updates, Installed, Library, Share, and Beta tabs and only shows two tabs now: Overview and Manage. Under the Overview tab, you’ll find Play Protect stats, “All apps up to date” section, storage info, options to initiate offline app sharing, and Rating & reviews section.

Many of us routinely head over to the My apps section to quickly glance at pending app updates and recently updated apps. This revamps adds an extra step to access that information. To check for app updates, you’ll need to click on “See details” under the All apps up to date section. This will take you to the “Pending downloads” section, which will presumably show you a list of apps you haven’t yet updated.

We know Google has been working on this redesign since last year, and we even got a glimpse of this change via an APK teardown. But it’s only now that Google is actually starting to roll it out to some users. At the time of publishing this article, it wasn’t available on any of our devices running the latest version of the Google Play Store. We’ll update our post when this redesign starts rolling out to more users or if we hear anything from Google.

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