Genshin Impact 2.0 will let players choose a preferred 5-star weapon to wish for, starting next banner

After Genshin Impact 2.0 livestream, multiple new characters, weapons, and artifact sets are introduced to players. Of course, new content and features have also been mentioned occasionally.

One of the new mechanics that stood out in the livestream is the new Weapon Wish Mechanic.

The new Weapon Wish system, “Epitomized Path,” was introduced in Genshin Impact version 2.0 livestream. It is an exclusive mechanism added only to the Epitome Invocation banner that features 4 and 5-star weapons.

With the addition of “Epitomized Path”, players will have a higher chance of acquiring the 5-star promotional weapon that they want with the maximum amount of 240 pulls in the Epitome Invocation banner.

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Weapon Wish Mechanic: Epitomized Path in Genshin Impact V2.0

“Epitomized Path” is a wish mechanic to be added to the Epitome Invocation banner for the upcoming Genshin Impact V2.0.

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How To Use Epitomized Path:

1) To use this feature, players have to plot a course towards obtaining a specific 5-star promotional weapon of choice. This can be done before they start wishing on banner.

2) Once the Travelers have plotted a course for their weapon of choice and started wishing, they will receive 1 ‘Fate Points’ if they manage to get a 5-star weapon in the Weapon Event Wish which is not the one they requested. It is important to note that players will only obtain a maximum of 2 ‘Fate Points’.

3) By the time the players acquire the maximum number of ‘Fate Points’, they are confirmed to get the 5-star weapon that they choose through the “Epitomized Path” course at the next 5-star drop.

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Example for Epitomized Path:

1) For example, 5-star Claymore Skyward Pride and Catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds are the current promotional weapons of Epitome Invocation.

2) Player charts a course for Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds as the weapon they hope to obtain.

3) If both the first and second 5-star weapons obtained are Skyward Pride, that player will gain 2 Fate Points after charting a course towards Lost Prayer. The third 5-star weapon obtained is guaranteed to be Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.

4) The accumulated Fate Points will be removed once the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is acquired.

If a player has charted a course to Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and has acquired Fate Points, those Fate Points will be cleared if they change the course or cancel it.

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Important things to note about Epitomized Path:

1) The acquired Fate Points will be removed when players receive their chosen weapon from Epitome Invocation via “Epitomized Path” regardless if its 1 or 2 Fate Points.

2) Players will not gain Fate Points if they do not set up a course in “Epitomized Path” to earn a weapon.

3) The courses that were selected by players for a specific 5-star weapon can be changed or canceled. However, any current Fate Points will also be cleared as a result of this action.

4) All current Fate Points will be cleared automatically at the end of the current Epitome Invocation banner period.

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