Free Fire redeem code for Indian server (11th July): Get free Triple Captain power up today

The final matchday i.e., Day 6 of the Free Fire Pro League, was held today. Fans had the opportunity to check out their favorite teams in action for the last time before the Grand Final.

Players are eligible to win a variety of exciting rewards from the FFPL Dream Team Challenge event. It involves forming a dream team of six professional players for a particular day. Depending on their performance, points would be awarded to the users. There are certain power-ups also present that can be utilized for attaining a higher number of points.

Free Fire redeem code today (July 11th) for the Indian server

Reward of the code
Reward of the code


Rewards: Triple Captain power-up

Please note that the code is valid until 11:59 PM IST today i.e., July 11 2021. The code won’t work once the deadline has passed. Since this is only for the Indian server, it won’t be available to players elsewhere.

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Using this redeem code in Free Fire

The code mentioned above isn’t like all the usual ones that users have to redeem via the Rewards Redemption Site. Instead, this one has to be utilized in-game.

Here are the steps on how players can do it:

Step 1: To access the event, you need to open the game and click on the “Calendar” icon.

Step 2: Then, you should tap on the ‘Esports’ tab and select FFPL Dream Team Challenge.

Step 3: Upon clicking the ‘Go To’ button, you will be taken to the event’s interface.

Step 4: Next, click “Power-up redemption” near the top right corner. A dialog box would appear on the screens of the users.

Step 5: Paste the code stated earlier and click the “Confirm” option. Users will automatically receive a power-up as a reward.

After the duration mentioned above, you will receive an error message stating that it has expired. Consequently, you cannot use it to get the free reward.

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