Far Cry 6 gameplay leaks hours before official reveal, new crocodile companion, jet backpacks and more unveiled

At this rate, Ubisoft may not need to hold official reveals anymore, as leakers have posted 6 minutes of Far Cry 6 gameplay ahead of its official reveal, joining Ubisoft’s other title, The Division Heartland, in the premature leaks department.

Far Cry 6’s gameplay is an action packed six minutes full of explosions, gunplay, stealth and all the things that make Far Cry what it is today. Featuring a non-silent protagonist (a welcome change after Far Cry 5’s mute protagonist), players are treated to a plethora of zany and personality-filled voice lines.

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Far Cry 6’s leaked gameplay reveal shows off new features, third person camera and more

Note: Ubisoft has been issuing DMCA takedowns on leaked footage on YouTube, kindly refer to this reddit thread in case of removal.

In the six minute leaked gameplay footage of Far Cry 6, protagonist Dani Rojas can be seen wreaking havoc across the fictional state of Yara, as they pick up arms against the main antogonist “El Presidente” Antón Castillo.

In the gameplay reveal, the choice between a male and female protagonist seems to be available to players. The landscape of the environment has more detailed cities and urban areas compared to predecessors, but it doesn’t compromise on the vast jungles and expanses players have come to expect.

In terms of new weaponry, players are treated to footage of a CD launcher that shoots CDs of Los del Rio’s ’90s hit “Macarena,” Supremo Backpacks that practically resemble jetpacks (but don’t enable flight in the reveal) which burn enemies in a small radius around the player, and a bunch of handmade guns.

Featuring an illegally cute puppy and an equally menacing alligator, players can look forward to having new and varied animal companions that serve different purposes during gameplay.

From bikes to exotic cars, vehicles are a big part of the Far Cry 6 experience, as the gameplay reveal showcases incredibly detailed models of automobile engineering that players can toy around with.

More details are to come once Ubisoft officially reveals more on the 28th of May on YouTube and Twitch, at 9:30am PT, 12:30pm ET or 5:30pm UK.

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