Dr Disrespect and Ferg to feature in COD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race

COD Mobile fans are in for a treat this Monday as two of the most prominent Esports personalities in the FPS genre, Dr Disrespect and Ferg, will be going head to head in the 80’s Throwdown Battle Royale Kill Race.

The “80’s Throwdown CoD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race” is the next step in the game’s Esports scene, and the developers will be sticking to the ongoing 80’s theme for the event as well.

The event was previously teased by both Luke ‘iFerg’ Fergie and Dr Disrespect, which eventually created a lot of hype around it.

Much of the excitement among fans was because of the beef that these two personalities had in 2020 when Dr Disrespect shared his opinions on mobile gaming and why he feels that it’s not a serious affair.

Being a COD Mobile pro for Tribe Gaming, Ferg did not take the streamer’s jabs lightly, which eventually led to some heated back and forth. It ultimately resulted in both challenging each other for a 1v1 showdown in a mobile title.

However, the showdown did not occur at the time, and hence fans are very excited about the 80’s Throwdown CoD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race. Ferg and Dr Disrespect will finally clash in a heard show match.

80’s Throwdown CoD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race: Dr Disrespect vs Ferg stream schedule and details

The showdown between Dr Disrespect and Ferg in the 80’s Throwdown CoD Mobile Battle Royale Kill Race will be on Monday, May 24 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET.

The stream will start on COD Mobile’s dedicated YouTube channel, and the video will also be embedded afterward.

It is during the stream that further information and announcements on the Esports event will be revealed. However, Ferg has confirmed that his 1v1 with Dr Disrespect will take place on both of their preferred devices regarding the format of the match.

So one game will be taking place on a handheld device, while the other will be on the emulated PC version. It’s also confirmed that they will both be playing in different games and on different servers, and the person with the most kills after the match ends will be crowned the winner.

Throughout the show match, Ferg and Dr Disrespect will be linking up via voice chat. Hence, COD Mobile fans can look forward to some hilarious banter.

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