Do Your Kids Use Headphones Or Earphones? Beware Of These Dangers

Technology has made everyone’s life easy but people do not realise that overuse of gadgets may result in health problems in the future. It has been noted that working parents give their children smartphones and headphones at a young age. But they are unaware of how harmful these things are for their children. Let’s see how all these advanced gadgets affect your child’s health.

Children are facing pain in ear

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, children have been sitting in front of their smartphones and laptops to attend online classes. But in these classes, children have to use earphones or headphones for hours. Because of this, children are more likely to have ear-related issues later. According to the report, in the last several months, children have complained about ear pain, discomfort, and ear infections. At the same time, doctors say that the use of these devices puts a lot of stress on the ears, and hearing loud noises for hours weakens the ability to hear.

Headphones or earbuds-cause of concern

According to doctors, children’s ears are very delicate at a young age and due to ear wax, germs naturally die in their ears. This wax protects their ears from infection. But now children have started using headphones or earphones, and sometimes their ears start itching and they start using earbuds instead. By using earbuds, the ear wax is removed and the inner part of the ear gets vulnerable to infection.



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