‘Do Not Download’ CoWIN App Appearing On App Stores, Health Ministry Cautions People

New Delhi: Union Ministry of Health on Wednesday cautioned one and all that fake apps in the name of ‘CoWIN’ are being created and listed on app stores which people need to be careful about. ALSO READ | What Is ‘CoWIN’ App? How To Download And Self-Register For COVID-19 Vaccination In India

The Health Ministry revealed that “Some apps named ‘CoWIN’ apparently created by unscrupulous elements to sound similar to the upcoming official platform of Government, are on App stores”.

People have been strictly advised against downloading and sharing personal information on the fake Coronavirus vaccine app as the same can easily be misused to dupe them in different ways.

“DO NOT download or share personal information on these. MoHFW Official platform will be adequately publicised on its launch,” the Minister added in the tweet.

For the uninitiated ‘CoWIN’ is the official government app whereby people will be able to register for the Coronavirus vaccine shots. The digital platform aims to ensure there is no crowding or lining up. People will register for receiving the vaccine and be informed well in advance to appear at the fixed date and time.

As explained by the government, the specially designed ‘CoWIN’ app will have five modules, namely – Administrator module, Registration module, Vaccination module, Beneficiary Acknowledgement module, and Report module.

As of now, the application is in the pre-product stage which can not be accessed by people, there is no self-registration going on. Once launched, it will be available to download for free via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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