Disappearing WhatsApp New Message Feature Will Be Rolled Out Soon For iOS Users – How It Works

The disappearing message feature of the instant messaging app WhatsApp is now being rolled out for iOS users as well. WABetaInfo, the platform that monitors new updates and features of WhatsApp, has recently told that the new feature is now rolling out for iOS beta users. If you are also a beta user, you can use this feature on any Apple device. This feature is already being given to Android users. 

The Beta version is in the testing phase
According to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature on iOS is currently being tested for beta users. This shows that this feature will soon be rolled out publicly for iOS users. Although, its official launch date has not been disclosed yet. 

Rollout for iOS users
WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages feature is being released in different phases for iOS beta users. This means if you are an iOS beta user and you do not have the Disappearing Messages feature, then it will be available in the new update. Also, you need to go to the App Store and update the app to the latest version. Only if the latest beta version is installed on your phone will you get new features before others.

It works like this
WhatsApp’s Disappearing Message feature automatically deletes text as well as videos, photos, audio, and other files after a certain time. When this feature is turned on, the sent messages and other media files get deleted after seven days.

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