Destiny 2: Stasis subclasses and effects

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion brought forth an ice-cold effect to the game that freezes opponents, leaving them vulnerable to any sort of damage. A high percentage of players have taken a liking to the new subclass type due to its crowd control potential.

Although Stasis has seen a bulky set of nerfs since its release, the number of players gearing up to dish out frozen attacks continues to top the list.

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Statis subclasses and what they do

The Stasis subclasses that Destiny 2 introduced a new method of plaguing enemies with damage and crowd control. The core of these subclasses revolves around harnessing the darkness that surfaces in Beyond Light.

Revenant Hunter

The Revenant Hunter holds many abilities that allow them to slow the battle and escape before enemies get a chance to retaliate. Destiny 2 Hunters are given a new path that follows the ninja lifestyle.

The Melee Attack for Revenant Hunters is called Withering Blade where players throw a shuriken to damage and slow enemies. These shurikens bounce off of walls and enemies, and landing two in a short time instantly freezes them.

Stasis’ ultimate power explodes from Hunter’s Super, Silence and Squall. Players throw two kamas into the action, the first freezes all enemies in an area and the second creates a slow field that tracks them.

Titan Behemoth

Titan Behemoth’s can essentially be summed up by how they smash the terrain and altar the ground beneath them. Power resonates throughout all Titan classes, but the Behemoth changes the definition.

Destiny 2’s newest Titan subclass gives them a devastating Melee Attack and Shiver Strike, where they launch into the air with a frozen hand to pummel enemies. The first enemy is thrown backwards and slows anyone else hit by the blast.

The Titan Behemoth’s Super unleashes a massive attack on the ground after they form a frozen gauntlet on their hand. They smash the ground, sending Stasis shockwaves that freeze all enemies hit.

In addition, Titans are covered in Stasis Crystals and become unstoppable during their Super.

Warlock Shadebinder

Warlocks transform into ice wizards with their new sublass that allows them to summon Stasis Crystals for their abilities. Destiny 2’s recent expansion gives a new meaning to Warlock’s ability to control the fight.

The Shadebinder’s Melee Attack in Destiny 2 stems from the staff they summon and instantly freezes anyone hit with it. Named Penumbral Blast, Warlock’s ability can lock down multiple opponents in a short amount of time.

Their Super ability acts similar to their melee by shooting Stasis Crystals at enemies at range. From there, Shadebinders can erupt with a surge of stasis energy to distentegrate frozen enemies.

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