Cooler Master and D-Box Technologies are Coming Out with a $2000 Gaming Chair

You might want to have a seat when you see the price tag for the new gaming chair being released by Cooler Master and D-Box Technologies.

Cooler Master Heptic Chair

Gaming chairs are an essential part of any gamer’s setup. A subpar chair can result in poor posture, back pain, or even “dead butt” syndrome, which is a weakness in one of the three main fanny muscles – the gluteus medius. A good gaming chair generally ranges from $200 to $400, with premium chairs being known to be upwards of $800. However, PC accessories manufacturer Cooler Master and D-Box Technologies, who specialize in haptics, came in with “this isn’t even my final form” energy and recently announced the release of the Cooler Master Haptic Gaming Chair.

The teaser can be seen online via D-Box Technologies’ YouTube Channel. And although not much of the chair’s features can be seen in the short clip, the sleek design, ample amount of padding, as well as LED lights, are worth noting.

The chair is priced at $2000 for the base model and up to $2300 for the Motion 1 version, which will feature similar technology that is used in movie theaters and amusement parks to create a fully immersive experience.

Right now, according to Cooler Master, the chair currently only works with about 200 PC games, but they are said to be working on making it more compatible with a larger range of games.

This Cooler Master Haptic Gaming Chair is set to be available sometime in January 2022, which gives gamers time to save up. And, if you are in the market for more luxury item from D-Box Tehnologies, feel free to check out their home entertainment recliner, priced at $3699.

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