College Student From Tamil Nadu Builds Solar Powered Electric Cycle, Will Run 50 KMS At Rs 1.50

Madurai: Today everyone is troubled by the rising price of petrol and diesel. In such a situation, people are now forced to look for other options. Similar was also seen in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. In fact, Dhanush Kumar, a college student living here, has invented a solar-powered electric bicycle, which can travel far and wide at a very low cost. Let us know what is the whole matter.

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Designed like this
To make this solar-powered electric cycle, Dhanush Kumar has installed a battery on the carrier of the cycle and installed a solar panel in its front. Through this solar panel, a distance of up to 50 kilometers can be covered without stopping on this cycle. The special thing is that even when charging is down, it can be driven up to 20 kilometers.

So many kilometers will run in the cost of Rs 1.50.
Dhanush Kumar, who accomplished this special feat, has used a battery of 24 volts and 26 amps in this electric cycle. Along with this, it also has a 350W brush motor and an accelerator in the handlebar to reduce the speed. He says that the cost of electricity used for this battery is very less as compared to petrol. With this, a journey of 50 km can be done at the cost of just Rs 1.50. The maximum speed of this electric cycle is 30 to 40 kilometers.

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