Beware! This fake Paytm website promises more than Rs 2,000 as a ‘cashback’ offer: Here’s how to avoid it

Online frauds have seen a spike especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and as people are forced to stay inside their homes, they are heavily relying on making payments online. Cyber attacks have also become a headache for people as there are several cases of cheating, phishing attacks, and fraudulent cashback offers. 

Now a new scam has occurred which attacks those users who have zero knowledge about how phishing sites operate and it is given to users in the form of a browser notification which is provided to users in the form of a browser notification, further directing users to a fake website called paytm-cashoffer[dot]com, reported Indian Express. 

However, it is unclear about which site the notification comes from as Chrome asks every site before sending notifications to a user and that means the notification seems to be delivered from a different site. 

The report further stated that the notification read, “Congratulations! you have won Paytm Scratch Card.” After the user clicks on the notification, they are directed to the website paytm-cashoffer[dot]com which is a fake website made to trick users by having a similar design and pattern to that of the official Paytm website.

Users who do not notice the URL will be able to see a message that will be written as you have won over Rs 2,000 as cashback, along with a large light blue “Send Reward to Paytm” button at the bottom of the screen. This scam is particularly targeted towards mobile users. 

Therefore, it is advisable for users to avoid visiting such fraudulent websites. That said, the website showed that a new fraudulent amount of Rs 2,000 appears every time one refreshes the page. 

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