Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG) confirms addition of Erangel map with latest teaser

A pre-registration teaser posted on Battlegrounds Mobile India‘s official social media handles has confirmed the inclusion of the UAV and the Erangel map in the game.

The teaser titled, “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA – Pre-Register Now,” provided players with a glimpse of the UAV followed by this text:

“Driving around the hills of Erangel” text appears in the video

The description under the video reads:

“Keep your seatbelts fastened! The vehicle advantage is all you need for ruling the Battlegrounds! UAZ holds a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to drive around in the Battlegrounds!”

This clearly indicates that the UAZ and the Erangel map will both be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Readers can check out the full teaser below:

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Battlegrounds Mobile India recently crossed 20 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store

Krafton Inc recently revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India has received more than 20 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store, out of which 7.6 million were amassed on the very first day of the cycle.

In a social media post, the South Korean company said:

20 MILLION Pre-Registrations! Thank You, India for the tremendous love! BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is now open for Pre-Registrations. Get your squad and grab exciting rewards!”

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Even though there have been many developments regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India in the last few weeks, the developers are yet to announce the release date for the game.

Players can stay informed about any developments or news by following the official Battlegrounds Mobile India social media handles. Here are the links to all of them:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

YouTube channel: Click here

Discord server: Click here

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