Animal Crossing: Evolution of the post office

Several different Animal Crossing iterations have had a post office. Since its debut in 2001, it has seen some changes over the years. The post office is now 20 years old.

The post office in Animal Crossing serves as the building where Animal Crossing players can send letters to other players, villagers or even themselves. Animal Crossing is a social simulator, and what’s more social than sending a letter to people?

In earlier iterations, the post office was randomly located. In New Leaf, it moved to Main Street, where it has stayed since. Here are some of the other changes it has undergone since debuting.

Changes to the Animal Crossing post office

The post office has become a fan favorite location in Animal Crossing since its debut in 2001. Players love visiting the post office and getting mail from other players or sending mail themselves. As far as in-game conversation techniques go, this one is pretty unique.

When it debuted, the post office in Animal Crossing had some key features. Storing letters was one of them. In the post office, players could store their favorite letters behind the counter if they ever wanted to read them again. In the original Animal Crossing, the post office was also a place for players to go to manage their money. It also had an e-reader machine that seemed to be the predecessor to the Nook Stop. Nook Stop is where all transactions occur in New Horizons.

In Wild World, the post office was removed, along with some other buildings. These were all consolidated into the town hall, which still allowed players to use all the features of the post office. It remains the go-to place for managing money and sending letters. Post office employees, like Pelly, became an enjoyable part of the game as well.

Let’s Go To The City saw minimal changes to the Animal Crossing post office. The option to save notes in bottles was, however, removed. In New Leaf, the post office was its own building, rather than being inside the town hall. This version of the post office allowed players to get DLC for Nintendo through Pelly, who works the counter. Pelly has been a staple of the post office.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the post office became a standalone mail kiosk inside Dodo Airlines. The financial abilities the other post offices afforded players were now to be completed using the Nook Stop. Players also no longer interact with Pelly, as she no longer works there since it is a kiosk. Players can still save letters using their own mailboxes, but the post office offered more for players.

There have been a lot of things at the post office in Animal Crossing. It’s been a building, a counter and a kiosk all at different points in different games. What will the post office be next?

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