5 most useful Minecraft Bedrock commands in May 2021

Commands in Minecraft are a great way to obtain items quickly, make things happen and teleport to friends or places.

In Minecraft’s Bedrock version, five commands are the best to use throughout the world.

To use Minecraft commands, first, cheats must be enabled. This can be done via the settings button on the main menu. After enabling cheats, there is an entire world of commands for gamers to use.

To use the commands, they have to open the chat icon or ability on Minecraft and be sure to include the forward slash “/” in the beginning always when typing commands.

Here are the five best commands to use for Minecraft Bedrock

1) Teleportation

Teleporting in Minecraft is an easier way to find friends or arrive at destinations without having to walk. It can be an easy way to reach home when players cannot find it.

To teleport in Minecraft, players can type /tp, and several choices will appear on the screen that begin with that command. Typing /tp<location> and inputting a specific location with coordinates will teleport players to that spot.

Typing /tp<destination> teleports Minecraft players to the location of another target, such as a player or building.

By typing /tp<targets><destination>, Minecraft players can teleport someone else to another target.

Something to remember when using commands, especially when playing with other Minecraft players, is shortcuts. They can aid in the long run rather than having to type other players’ long names.

Players can use @p when referring to the player closest to the host. @r is a random player, @a is all players in the world, @e is all entities in the world and @s is the host themselves.

2) Setting the Time

Minecraft players old and new have come across a mob spawning or two throughout their journeys. Mob spawns usually happen at night, with the exception of creepers and spiders, which can appear at any time throughout the day. But, they are also more likely to appear at night, as well. All versions of zombies and skeletons appear as soon as sundown happens.

But what to do when sundown happens and there is no shelter in sight? There is always the option to fight off all Minecraft mobs, but that can result in players being killed or losing health points without any food to replenish it. Animals are not likely to be out at night due to the mobs.

To set the time, simply type /time into the chat box and what time of day you want it to be, from morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Changing the time of day can aid Minecraft players in their journeys when they are unable to either fight through many mob spawns or want to get home safely and do so in the middle of the day.

3) Easier Killing

In Minecraft, killing mobs is one of the many ways players can survive throughout the Overworld and their journey. By typing /kill and listing what you want to kill, it should kill all of them within 10-block radius.

However, be careful with this command, as it will not only kill mobs but also players in Minecraft.

4) Adding or Removing Effects

When Minecraft players kill the head pillager, a poison effect is placed on them. It can last for a long time, and exiting the game and entering again does not dispel the effect. There is a way to remove it, though, by typing /effect and typing what effect to remove or add.

This can also help when entering a village, as going into a Minecraft village with a poison effect can illicit a raid, which can be troublesome for the players.

5) Enchanting Tools

Using enchantments in Minecraft can prove difficult unless an enchanting table is available, and players don’t want to carry one around with them, as it will not only take up inventory space.

A way to put enchantments on players tools is by typing /enchant and then what item the player wants to enchant into the chat box. This can help players have better weaponry throughout their adventure through Minecraft’s Overworld.

While there are plenty more Minecraft commands to check out, these five are some of the most helpful throughout the land.

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